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跳馬 Live performance.

[跳馬 which means Ferrari]
This work for the 
building entrance in Sapporo, Japan. (Permanent http://koshido.co.jp/)
a commission work for dental clinic in Sapporo, Japan

The character is 'TORA' which means 'tiger'.

Sep, 30 2011
[Rainbow Black] Live Painting in NYC.
Live painting for opening party.

photo by Marija Prazsic

photo by Mayu Hari

photo by Marija Prazsic

photo by Marija Prazsic

photo by Marija Prazsic

[Live Painting performance]
Monday, November 23rd (1-2pm)
Visit JAPAN BRAND: The Wish List Holiday Shop on opening day and watch master calligraphy artist, Kotaro Hatchinohe in action on our 2nd Floor. (www.kotarohatch.com)

Venue : Felissimo Design House NYC
Organised : Japan Brand


Hope to see you in there!!!


2 - 7 NOVEMBER, 2009
13:00 to 22:00

ARTECLASICA 09 is organized by The Pictorial Bardon Group located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Feria de Arte Moderno y Contemporaneo
Pabellones 1 y 2 Centro de Exposlciones Costa Salguero
tel. +54 11 4866 5600

Japanese Calligraphy Workshop
3rd - 6th July 15:00~18:00

Live Drawing Performance
3rd - 6th Nov. 19:00~

El Arte de la Caligrafia Japonesa (Workshop)
Nov. 3rd to 6th. From 3PM - 6PM

Los japoneses aprenden a escribir guiados por un maestro de caligrafía. Me dediqué mucho timpo para aprenderlo bajo la enseñanza de mi maestro desde los 6 años. En general los estudiantes escribe con la tinta negra y el maestro corrrige con la tinta roja. Vamos a empezar el arte japonés!!

El primer paso: Elija una letra que le guste dentro del listado.
Ahora yo le demuestro como escribir usando el pincel.

El segundo paso: Usted escribe la letra.
Voy a asesorarlos especificamente en la tecnica de la caligrafía japonesa.
Despues de eso, pueden intentarlo nuevamente.

Por último, usted puede llevarse su obra a su casa.
Y me quedo con su primer trabajo para exhibirlo aquí en esta pared.

Esto es un intercambio entre ud y yo.
Divirtamonos juntos!

Demostracion (Live Drawing Performance)
Nov. 3rd to 6th. From 7PM〜

Live Painting Performance in Hokkaido, JAPAN!!

RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2009 @14th and 15th Aug.

Performance will : Aug. 14th at 2 AM!!
Area : Green Oasis.

MAGICAL CAMP @29th and 30th Aug.

If you need a hottest summer, Join us!!

Demonstration at upstate New York.

[Gomenkudasai] Dinner Party

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Time:6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location:Gomen-Kudasai Restaurant
Street:215 Main Street City/Town New Paltz, NY

Celebrate out First Anniversary with us here at Gomen-Kudasai.
Opening Performance: Big Brush Calligrapher, Kotaro Hachinohe.
Pricing:Buffet Style Party: $25, Studetnts: $20, Children under 12: $15

We hope to see you all there.

Do not miss this fantastic performance by the master calligrapher Kotaro Hachinohe, who is known for his spectacular large brush artwork. He will be performing an opening ceremony right at 6:30p.m.

For questions and reservations, please call Youko at (845) 255-8811.

Thank you for coming!!


We made Japanese rock musician's PV in August.
The band name is ''STRAIGHTENER'' (EMI music).

Art director is Teppei Kuroyanagi who has good Editing Technique. I showed some idea and concept image. Of course, I'm sure that my painting was so cool.

Check it now!

【WORDS TREE】Opening Party 02

【WORDS TREE】Opening Party 01